The Road To Here – Little Big Town

  • Very rarely does a musical group come along that not only captures your imagination but also stimulates your musical palette the way Little Big Town do. You will listen with such vigour to this CD that you can play it eight times straight; I guarantee it. Wondrous harmonies, beautiful melodies, the emotional acoustic passages mixed with phenomenal songwriting. This group is making music that not only superb but unique to country music. A music critic once called them Crosby, Stills and Nashville, I call them the country music version of Abba. But to a degree that is a misnomer. This band is more talented. You'll hear bluegrass overtones on The Road To Here but you will also hear influences ranging from the Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker Band and The Eagles as well (I would love to hear them do a cover of Seven Bridges Road).Little Big Town is selfless in their collective talent. All four members of the band share lead vocals and songwriting duties. The band is comprised of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Roads, Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet. This two-men, two-women group is unique in country music. With songs like BoondocksGood As Gone and Live With Lonesome move with a passionate verve; sure-fire country radio hits. Welcome To The Family has a Next Of Kin vibe to it and is actually humorous in a dark, rural way. Where as the song Bones has an acoustic beginning that harkens back to those Led Zeppelin III acoustic campfire days. There is not a bad song or piece of filler on the record.This is not Little Big Town's first record either. Back in 2002 they released a self-titled debut on Sony. A combination of Nashville politics and label budget cuts almost derailed Little Big Town at the time. But in hindsight what all that trouble did was to season them and give them more determination. That debut though chalk full of good music has a couple of standouts songs such as Somewhere Far Away and A Thousand Years which are very well written songs.

    Like a gentle breeze down a dirt road on an early summer's day; that's the feeling you get from Little Big Town. Do yourself a favour and go buy a copy of The Road To Here, your ears and soul will thank you for it.