No Longer Buried – Trendkill

  • A blistering slab of thrash metal/ hardcore, Trendkill's No Longer Buried will appeal to fans of Hatebreed, Machine Head, and even Sepultura. The strongpoint of this Swedish outfit is its enthusiasm, particularly of guitarists Erik Mansson and Andre Gonzales, both of whom pound out riff and riff and hook after hook like men possessed. Breakdowns serve to pummel ears to a pulp while wave after wave of percussive bursts thump through your chest (naturally, given the ANATA's own Conny Pettersson is at the helm). Vocals are screamed hardcore style, and the bass is felt more than heard.

    Trendkill is at its best when churning out the thrash metal Timeless QualityWalking Dead, and Headshot (this one skirting a death metal sound) are all good examples of this style. The hardcore tracks, such as Break The Silence and One Step Closer, are by-the-numbers and will only appeal to dedicated moshers.

    Don't expect any trends to be killed on No Longer Buried, but do expect to experience some aural punishment sure to raise the dead.