Intra – Ram-Zet

    • INTRA

      review by Octavio Ramos Jr

      Ram-Zet continues to steer its blackened carriage along the further edges of the darkwave experience, with the band's dabbling into progressive rock, traditional rock, techno/ dance, and even power metal making it difficult to classify. Of course, classification matters little, particularly because Intra is such an intense and wholly satisfying listen.

      The mastermind behind Ram-Zet is Flemming 'Zet' Rammseth, who's always unpredictable as both vocalist and guitarist. His vocals sound like something out of black metal (hideously raspy) and his guitars cover the gamut of styles, from a blistering thrash riff one second to a darkwave blast the next. He also crafts some beautiful acoustic passages, such as those found on the instrumental piece Peace. The band's techno/ dance beats come courtesy of Sfinx, whose keyboards and effects are laden with dark grooves and creepy interludes. Sfinx also provides some luscious vocals - she avoids the opera-style croons and instead focuses on gut-wrenching coos and menacing vibes (this approach is most notable on the disturbing And Innocence).

      Ram-Zet's rhythm section gives the band its power. Drummer Kuth (The Kovenant) blisters his way through track after track, emphasising the double-kicks down below while issuing a barrage of sound from up top. Bassist Jon Daniel gives the band its thundering low end, his woofer rattling and shaking the low notes. Rounding out the cast is Saretta, who handles the violin and cello (Ballet is saturated with these luscious sounds) and provides some soaring background vocals.

      There's a certain surrealism about Intra. The mixture of the gothic with the sinister - the feeling that one is trapped within a nightmare torn right out of Kafka - is alone worth obtaining this CD. If you like the sounds of old Theatre Of Tragedy and modern output of bands such as Nightwish but wished to be challenged then you must seek out Ram-Zet's Intra. You will not be disappointed.