Infernal Tyrant – Darkstorm


      review by Octavio Ramos Jr

      Hailing from the Czech Republic, Darkstorm releases its third full-length album, Infernal Tyrant. So, what should the listener expect? Well, expect to have your ears wither and fall off before the CD is over.

      Darkstorm plays old-school black metal. Bands such as Mayhem, Darkthrone, and even Gorgoroth come to mind while listening to this slab of churning chaos. Making up for the lack of a bass player, guitarists Astaroth (who has since departed) and Vlad Blasphemer (Maniac Butcher) create a sizzling wall of sound. The rhythms are straightforward and most of the time sound like buzz saws, whereas the leads can be quite complex, with some of them tapping into thrash metal for power and technicality and at other times reaching into death metal for raw intensity. Drummer Butcher (Maniac Butcher) blasts his way from track to track, but he also knows when to pull back and let the kit bleed a little. Devilish handles the vocals, which sound as is they are delivered from an abandoned grave.

      Fans of underground black metal already know that Agonia carries the best. For those fresh souls out there interested in sampling the extreme, Darkstorm's Infernal Tyrant would be a good place to begin your journey down the left-hand path.