Heart’s Blood – Tenebre


      review by Octavio Ramos Jr

      Formed in 1996 after the breakup of Flegman (a thrash-metal band), Tenebre began as a hard rock/ metal band and morphed into one that plays an old-school style of gothic metal. Early Type O Negative, The Damned, Sisters Of Mercy, and even The Cult all serve as inspiration, so don't expect the overt symphonic and doom-flavoured melancholia of modern acts, but rather the dirtier, edgy harmonies of the early acts.

      Guitarist Richard Lion incorporates facets of U2 (the jingle-jangle style of riffing) with hard-driving hooks and easygoing rhythms while bassist Jenny T fills out the low notes and drummer Andreas Albihn punches percussive holes through the melody lines. Vocalist Kalle Metz amalgamates Peter Steele with Glenn Danzig (the title track is filtered right through the Danzig style, sounding a little like She Rides) while keyboardist Ivana sticks to the shadows, her harmonies subtle and captivating. Rounding out the cast is Michael Korner, who handles guitars and effects.

      If you miss the driving rhythms and raw ambiance of the early gothic metal and death rock acts, then Tenebre will take you back to those times. And if you're a modern fan, you should also listen to Heart's Blood to find out just what was happening when pioneers like Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes, and Gary Numan (during his Exile days) were fashioning the despondence that would become gothic metal.