Faces Without Names – Susan Hedges

Susan Hedges

review by J.C. Hartley

Third self-penned solo album in what seems like a languid seven year period, and yet Susan Hedges was only 13 years old on the release of Myron Angel, her first record, and only about 21 now, so there's plenty of time yet. After her second album Crimson Love On Velvet Black, there was The Stormkeepers, recorded with the band of the same name, which inspired Susan to form her own band, The Other Kind, while studying at Liverpool Community College. She is currently combining her career with studying for honours in music at University.

Hard to describe Susan Hedges' sound or style, as she displays an impressive range of influences and styles, which might be unusual in someone so young but is what one would hope from someone studying music. A few of these tracks could make it as pop singles, especially with girl-band harmonies, and wherever her solo work takes her, one would imagine that a lucrative writing career will make her a living in the business. Faces Without Names rocks, Guess I Got It Wrong Again is a balls-out belter in the style of early Annie Lennox/ Chrissie Hynde, then the mood changes with bluesy Billie Holiday horns for the soulful Lately, a mood revisited later on the album for Love In A Minor Key.

The production is great throughout, Susan's voice is mature beyond her years, and she nails each song and style with questions being asked only very occasionally. Her earlier work has brought great praise from a variety of critical sources, and one suspects that the only thing that might prevent her from being a great big popular star is her very diversity, but that range and ability will still ensure a lot of fans, plenty of work, and thrilling gigs and albums like this one.