Bon Jovi: Rock Legends

Exclusive interviews! - Shouts the cover. Well, the reality is that this is one interview - with Jon Bon Jovi alone - which seems to date from 1990 (shortly after the release of Young Guns). So instead of getting an in-depth look back at the lows and highs of a 20-year career, what you get is a typical, cliché-ridden interview with a poodle-permed stadium rocker in his poodle-permed prime.
You can hear Jon tell you how playing live is better than sex, and how life on the road is a lot harder than people realise. You can listen to him playing the piano - not very fluently, and watch him producing his friend Aldo Nova's album. And you can feel touched when Jon tells you that his number one priority is the 'kids out there in the audience.'
Excerpts from all those 'classic' spandex-clad early videos are squeezed in between the laidback Q&A session, and we even get several minutes of conversation with Aldo himself (no, I haven't heard of him either).
All-in-all one for the die-hard fans only I'm afraid.