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Beneath the Skin - The Cranberries

Aviva VHS / DVD

The Cranberries

review by David James

Been a bit quiet, of late, have the Cranberries, so it's a pretty decent surprise to see and hear the band strutting their stuff on this new release. The band is on fine form and Dolores O'Riordan goes through many costume changes as well. One thing that surprised me was the size of the audience - bigger than your average pub!

The video kicks off with Promise, and even if you've not heard the band before, you're left with no illusions as to where they come from. Many singers kind of lose their accent (or dialect) when they sing, but not our Dolores. She's Irish through and through - in fact many of the songs have a Celtic feel to them, not quite like The Corrs, but Celtic roots none the less.

Songs such as Salvation, Linger, You And Me and I Can't Be With You have the band playing incredibly tight although there's the odd tremble in Dolores' voice (not intentional methinks). The only slightly annoying point is the fast and furious way in which the shots/angles have been edited. It really seems like just seconds after the camera cuts away to another member of the band that they're off yet again. The director is Maurice Linnane.

Noel and Mike Hogan (guitars and bass respectively) and Fergal Lawler (drums) give sterling performances, enhancing the lilting and (strong) Irish voice of Ms O'Riordan. All in all this is a timely reminder that The Cranberries are a pretty fine band and can cut it with the best when it comes to performing live - well, the audience seem to think so!

Edited by Tony Lee
for PIGASUS Press