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Who Let You In Here


Big Ass Truck

review by Michael Lohr

If schizophrenia, social anarchy and eclectic musical tastes were rewarded in an otherwise homogenous culture, then Big Ass Truck would be kings. Their brand of psychedelic funk rock gets into your veins like a needle in the groove. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee (yes they still have all their teeth, at least we think so), the band consists of Robert Barnett (drums), Colin Butler (DJ turntable, beats, loops), Grayson Grant (bass), Robby Grant (vocals, guitar) and Steve Selvidge (vocals, guitar).

Their live shows are legendary and usually include the infamous 15-minute opus entitled Goat Lovers Anonymous, an ode to those unsavoury, inbred rural types that just can't keep it in their pants or away from barnyard animals. Their style is an amalgam of musical tastes such as 311, Incubus, the Steve Miller Band, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Monty Python. On Who Let You In Here the insanity just keeps on coming.

With oddball songs such as Malt Liquor Man, Queenie Come Clean, Portuguese Man 'O War, Mud Boy and the classic March Of The Dirty Razors, Big Ass Truck have set out to blaze a new musical trail. They are indeed original. They once played a gig with their drummer's kit setting away from the crowd. There is also the tribute song, Yams, which attempts to pay homage to the neglected vegetable. If this record is an indication, then we are in for many more treats from these Memphis boys in the coming years. Big Ass Truck are entertaining, oddball, and just plain good fun.

Edited by Tony Lee
for PIGASUS Press